Come Fish With Us!

Our History


In the early 1980s, our founder, Marge Buss, wanted to join a surf-fishing club, but discovered that there were no clubs that accepted women. A comment was once made to her that if she truly wanted to be part of a surfcast club, she should start one of her own. She accepted the challenge and history was made. On April 10, 1984, Mid-Island Surfcasters Club was established with their first 13 members…founding members, as it was so eloquently pointed out to me.

 We are proud members of LIBBA, MSA, UMS, and the Sportfishing Federation. Conservation is a strong ethic of our club, with each member making conscious efforts to save and preserve our beaches and waterways for every man, woman, and child. Through our membership in these clubs and our individual dedication to these goals, we hope to pass on these wonderful traditions of fishing and respect of our land and sea to the coming generations.

 The goal of our club is, as it has always been, to equally welcome both men and women who have a passion for fishing. Another asset of our club is the inclusion of family members, both spouses and children. There are picnics, Christmas parties, and an annual trip to Cape Cod.

 In 1998, our club began a new tradition. Started as an end of season get together of New York surfcasting clubs, The Gathering of The Anglers is an event which takes place in Montauk every fall. Only a few clubs attended in the beginning years, but the event has grown to include all the surfcasting clubs in New York. A barbecue dinner is enjoyed, and raffles with great prizes as well as other fundraising efforts help out a worthy cause. Like the Stanley Cup in hockey, we have the Korkers Cup. The winning club’s name is engraved onto the base of the trophy, and it is then proudly displayed at the Sports Fishing Education Center at Cedar Beach. A prize is also awarded to the angler who catches the largest of species during this contest.

 Now, 22 years after its inception, our club is a testament to the strong commitment and deep passion for fishing and camaraderie that makes Mid-Island Surfcasters the club it is today.

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